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Waldorf Education and Its Roots in Anthroposophy

What We Do


Seeing the whole human being in our complex social, biological, planetary, and cosmic contexts, anthroposophy can open up the field of creative potential and action for each of us.

This includes personal growth and health and capacities, and social and professional service and engagement.

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Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide are finding inspiration for meaningful choices in daily living,—

for parenting and community, for healing the Earth, for artistic and scientific work, and for building a new culture of freedom, fairness, and solidarity.

Learn more about inspiring initiatives and individuals with values like yours.


Anthroposophy's far-reaching view of personal development and human evolution gives a new context for today's widespread egotism. We each need to gain inner freedom and self-reliance in order to be change agents and conveners of a healthy future civilization, one where the whole community and the individual are seen and valued by each other. Consider membership and ways to get involved.

News & Events

Big News About Our Annual Conference!

The annual conference planning group has been meeting together since last fall. Throughout this time, we have had to shift and change our work to meet the country and world in this extraordinary moment in history.  Here is a snapshot of the evolution of our study together and the progression to our theme and title . . .…

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From the General Secretary

From the General Secretary June 3, 2020 Dear Members and Friends, Present events and the beat of daily news have kept me in a state of rawness. No one I have spoken with is immune from suffering. How can we comprehend what is unfolding, maybe even unravelling, in so many dimensions? And in the unravelling, we…

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Five Good Words; Whitsun Gathering

Five Good Words Whitsun Gathering with Orland Bishop and Friends Recording now available in the store. Why do we celebrate Whitsun and what is its meaning? Rudolf Steiner calls Whitsun the festival of the free Individuality.  He writes in The Festivals and Their Meaning, “And then there comes before us the mighty picture, with a force that works like a…

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An Exploration of the Twelve Senses – May Webinar

This webinar series is now available as a recording. During this time of greater external boundaries, we can come together online to explore a deeper understanding of the way our personal, spiritual and physical boundaries meet the world. It has been eighty years since the founding of the first Camphill community in Aberdeen, Scotland, founded…

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From the General Secretary

From the General Secretary April 12, 2020 Dear Members and Friends, I never imagined writing something to you in the midst of a global pandemic in which sheltering in place, spatial distancing, and fear of being infected or infecting others are a constant and oppressive presence. In a framework of safety, we live in a…

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Experiencing Easter: An ASA Community Gathering with Micky Leach and Friends

Thank you for joining us! We are grateful we are able to gather in this way to create a sense of warmth across the globe. If you missed the gathering, or want to review it, here are the recordings: The video recording is here.  The audio recording is here. PDF Slides are here.  Click here to…

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Online Community Gathering ~ If Our Courage Is Not To Fail Us

Dear Community, More than 330 people joined together on Thursday, March 19th, to set aside fear and reaffirm community, connection, meditative practices, and the meaning of our new experiences, with John Bloom, Angela Foster, and Linda Bergh. Here are the recordings so that you can experience after the fact or review the gathering: Video recording…

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Letter from Virginia Sease

Intro from John Bloom, General Secretary How wonderful, timely and surprising it was to receive a letter meant for all US Society members from Virginia Sease, emeritus member of the Executive Council of the Goetheanum in Dornach, former Council member from the US Society, long-time Waldorf teacher at Highland Hall School in Los Angeles, as…

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Staying Connected: A Sacred Gateway Community Conversation

Special note: The Sacred Gateway conference took place online, on April 17-19. The full conference (along with the recording of this conversation) is now available in our store. Join us March 4 from 7:30-8:45 pm Eastern Time for an online community gathering with the Sacred Gateway conference planning committee: Linda Bergh, Marianne Dietzel, Maureen Flannery,…

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From the General Secretary

January 2020 Dear Members and Friends, Welcome to the new year, new decade, and what the future will certainly ask of us—awakening and deepening community. It is highly significant and worth celebrating that nearly 900 people participated in the Society’s Holy Nights online program in closing out 2019 and ushering in 2020. Whether you participated…

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Anthroposophy (noun)

[an-thro-POS-o-phy] The art and science of becoming more fully human.


Our Mission

The Anthroposophical Society in America (ASA) supports and furthers the work of Rudolf Steiner in the United States. We are an open membership organization that fosters self-development and inspired social engagement.

Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth, and social engagement. Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life, spirit and humanity’s future evolution and well-being.


An “open heart and comprehensive mind..."

Rudolf Steiner gave clear insights and supportive guidance for individuals of all kinds, inspiring creative work in many fields.

Educator, scientist, philosopher, spiritual researcher, “meta-thinker”? But also social reformer, artistic innovator, cultural activist, and initiator of a holistic, human-centered “anthroposophy”—that is Rudolf Steiner.

To learn more about this unique individual and his still-expanding impact we are creating a sister site RudolfSteiner.org -- it's online and growing every week.

Get Involved

Are you intrigued by holistic and human-centered ideas and initiatives?

Interested in meeting others with questions and values similar to your own?

ASA offers webinars, conferences, events, and publications. Regional and local groups and initiatives offer hundreds of events annually, along with weekly and monthly study groups.

There are many ways to get involved!

being human

Our magazine being human reports on “personal and cultural renewal in the 21st century.”

Features include initiatives, arts & ideas, research & reviews, and news of the Anthroposophical Society, as well as a visual arts gallery and biographical sketches of individuals who have died.


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